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This program will transform you from the being that you are right now, into the shining, radiant golden being that you are truly meant to be!

Psychic Medium / Healer / Spiritual Counselor / Soul Alchemy Coach

PSYCHIC MEDIUM  -  Brenda reads your energy and connects with Spirit, your Guide and Higher Beings of the Light to provide guidance, support and insight that you require to empower you and assist you in maximizing your potential and    living your highest purpose and truth. TAROT CARD READER -  Empowering and accurate a tarot reading offers insight, guidance and validation for your soul's experience on this journey called life. MAGIC & MIRACLES with MERLIN Program Facilitator - A unique program to develop your spiritual gifts and psychic abilities through a series of Magical Meditations designed by Merlin the Magician and channeled through Brenda. You will not find this course anywhere else. MEDITATION MAGICIAN - Through a variety of meditations, Brenda guides you in creating a magical world to bring transformation into your life using the power of your own mind. Brenda's meditations are powerful, enlightening and healing and through them she assists you in using your own creative abilities to connect with Spirit and find inner peace, create harmony and fully experience Life, Love and Light.   *Meditations now available 3 for $30* Look under the “special offers” link above for more details
SOLSTICE brings a HUGE shift into KNOWLEDGE and AWARENESS.   ***NEW*** The INTERGALACTIC COUNCIL Series Coaching Meditation Package Merlin’s MAGIC and MIRACLES program has a special price. You’re READY and You’re WORTH IT! Are you looking for HIGHER learning?    Soul Alchemy may be for you. You will just KNOW. ***SUPER SPECIAL OFFER***                EACH OF THE PACKAGES ABOVE COMES WITH 2 X 1 HOUR READINGS! ($200 VALUE)